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2024: The Year of M&A

Thursday, March 7, 2024

2-3 PM ET


Join The Funding Strategies Conference’s next roundtable discussion, 2024: The Year of M&A. In this panel our experts will discuss the post-pandemic market shift and delve into the projected increase in M&A activities for 2024. We’ll explore the markets where we expect to see movement and the trends driving corporate consolidations. As the financial markets stabilize, we see a strong upward correlation with M&A activity.


Since 2021, The Funding Strategies Conference has been a trusted resource by business leaders to gain financial and funding insight. Our viewers benefit from those in the know.


Whether you work for a small business, medium-size venture, or a large company, the information discussed at the Funding Strategies Conference is designed to be useful and relevant as you plan your company’s path to financial success.


Our panels are comprised of industry experts from major lending institutions, including banks, SBA specialists, alternative lenders, venture capital, as well as angel and private equity investors. The Funding Strategies conference brings together lending experts so you can learn from their insight and tips.


The Funding Strategies Conference hosts a panel of industry experts to address what we expect to be a significant increase in M&A activities in the new year. This is projected in part to the S&P 500 Index, which ended 2023 with record highs. Finance markets are improving, and this correlates strongly with M&A activity. Smaller businesses will be seeking to scale, which leads to more partnerships and acquisitions.


Our funding experts will address topics and questions related to the projected increase in M&A activities for 2024.


We will discuss:


·        Markets where we expect to see movement

·        The real effects of interest rates on M&A

·        M&A Long-term trends

·        Consolidation of smaller businesses for strategy purposes

·        Post-pandemic economic recovery

·        Availability of capital

·        Tech advancements and the rise of AI


We will be accepting panelist questions in advance of the webinar. Please submit your questions on the registration form or email us at


We have designed our panel to deliver the information that today’s savvy financial executives need to know before finalizing business plans and searching out funding sources. The information is both educational and objective. Our panel is comprised of industry experts, from a variety of companies and backgrounds.

Our moderator...

Don Noble, Florida CFO Group


A CFO, mentor, teacher, and United States Air Force veteran, Don is an expert in finance and technology at high-growth and start-up companies. He has experience in mergers and acquisitions and the entire M&A process, including strategy, deal types, due diligence, hostile takeovers, valuation, and integration. He is a Doctoral Candidate in Business Administration and has served as CFO, CEO, founder, and board member of several companies. 

Meet our expert panel...

Craig Stacy, Sunbelt Business Advisors


Craig is a CPA and currently serves as managing director/M&A strategic advisor for Sunbelt Business Advisors. Craig has spent his career in upper-level management holding CFO, COO, and CEO titles for various companies. He also served as a business broker, with more than 25 years of know-how offering strategic and financial guidance to a wide array of privately held companies.

Derek Gietzen, Verve


Derek M. Gietzen, president of Verve, an integrated communications platform, who brings a wealth of experience in the field of telecommunications. He founded Vycera Communications, which was a member of the Inc. 500 Fastest-Growing Private Companies list. Derek is widely recognized for his dedication to creating corporate initiatives such as company mission, vision, core values; cultivating a positive, and inspiring working culture, as well has his ability drive million-dollar revenues for organizations under his supervision.

Jeannie Yoder, Live Oak Bank


Jeannie is a VP/Senior Loan Officer at Live Oak Bank, physically located in Jacksonville FL. Jeannie has over 25 years in commercial lending, with 15 years dedicated to national SBA lending. Jeannie’s production exceeds $500M in commercial loans, specializing in M&A, franchise lending, owner occupied CRE and SBA 504 lending. In addition, she is familiar with deal structuring, specifically cashflow lending, intangibles/goodwill financing, and inclusion of working capital.

Paul Stamoulis, One Stop Capital

Paul has had great success in growing, financing, and selling technology companies with such net-tech services as Internet, cloud, voice, data and managed IT. He is an expert in business process management, including six sigma and continual process improvement, and currently serves as a senior consultant at One Stop Capital. His tech experience and consulting work includes building global service providers with millions of users and designing and operating large trading networks, plus deploying a fiber-optic voice and video network into the NY Stock exchange for a large regional Internet Service Provider. Paul brings a wealth of business knowledge and leadership to the panel.


At the 2024: The Year of M&A online webinar, on Thursday, March 7, 2024, at 2 PM ET, we will discuss opportunities for M&A and specific markets where we expect to see activity. Panel experts will weigh in about how the availability of capital drives M&A, plus improvement in financial markets.


The Funding Strategies Conference delivers the information today's savvy financial executives need to know before finalizing business plans and searching out funding sources.
Mark your calendar for upcoming webinars:


 3/7/2024 - The Year of M&A - 2-3 PM ET

Click to watch our most recent webinar:
2024: The Year of M&A


The Funding Strategies Conference is a collaboration between ThermoCredit LLC and The Funding University.  Together, we designed an educational forum for corporate leaders with fiduciary responsibilities, specifically to help them stay informed of new trends, strategies, and finance options.  

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