Smart Loan Options for the Small Business: 
Finding the Right Type of Funding

As a small business owner, you face unique challenges.  What vendor to buy from?  What companies to partner with?  How can you best manage your growth?


The real question is:  How are you going to pay for it all?


Small businesses have a plethora of funding options available.  It’s overwhelming because you don’t know who to trust, you might not know what questions to ask, and you may not understand all of your options.  An uninformed borrower puts themselves and their business at risk.


In the December Funding Strategies Conference webinar, we discuss Smart Loan Options for the Small Business:  Finding the Right Type of Funding. 


Our panel of experts are small business lenders from a variety of backgrounds, including commercial banks, venture capital, alternative lenders, SBA specialists, and more.  Each panelist brings a wealth of experience to deliver objective information you can use to make informed choices.  Expect to hear differing views on subjects like interest rates, collateral, credit cards, credit scores, and negotiating loan terms.  At the end of the webinar, you’ll even have the chance to ask questions and learn from the experts. 


The free Smart Loan Options for the Small Business webinar takes place on December 8th 2022 from 2 pm – 3 pm ET.  Registration is required and space is limited.  You can activate your complimentary registration here.


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It’s your business and you should have a clear understanding of available funding options as you solidify your growth plans.  The Funding Strategies Conference brings the experts to you, so you can find the right type of funding.


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